• 25-29 OCT 2023
  • A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

WOMEX 18 Opening: Tránsitos Atlánticos

The WOMEX Opening confirmed the position of the Canary Islands as an exemplar of the exchange of cultures, and offered to the world the value to be learned from a population's positive and ongoing cultural mix – one that is so special and that has so many years of tradition.

Germán Lopez, the brilliant, home-grown young star of the timple was the artistic director and stage host of the WOMEX 18 Opening. He touches audiences with a rooted and innovative 21st century approach to performing "island music." His principal instrument is one of the grandfathers of the ukulele, and part of the same stringed instrument-family that includes the cavaquinho, cuatro and charango.

He created a programme to reflect this special and particular tri-continental spirit of the islands, inviting The AKA Trio (Senegal, Italy and Brazil), new wave flamenco project Aurora, Brazilian alt-indie troubadour LaBaq and acclaimed mestizo group from Tenerife, Caracoles.

The Opening was proudly presented by Jeito:

Live Performances by: