Film Programme

WOMEX Film presents a curated selection of documentaries that portray music, movements and histories from across the world.

The programme is an opportunity for filmmakers, artists, producers and distributors to reach new markets and explore additional distribution and production channels. The section also creates an immersive experience for bookers, curators, label managers and publishers, among others, to discover new musicians, projects and reflect on alternative programming opportunities. Each year WOMEX facilitates this unique platform strengthening the conversation between the global music and film community.

The programme features new releases, preview screenings, international premieres divided into market and public screenings, and a digital library.
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WOMEX Market Screenings are handpicked one-off screenings that push forth synergies between the film and music industry introducing music, artists and the histories behind them. These screenings are only accessible to registered WOMEX delegates.
The WOMEX Film Programme extends into Public Screenings hosted in 2021 by Cinema Passos Manuel, an indie cinema in Porto, giving a chance to local audiences to experience a vibrant and engaging set of films. While the public programme is open to public, it is accessible to WOMEX delegates too.
The WOMEX Film Library is a physical space that features an extended selection of films highlighting new projects, collaborations along with previews of unreleased films. The films in the library are independent of a scheduled screening and can be watched by WOMEX delegates on-demand at anytime between 11:00-17:00 from Thursday 28 October through Saturday 30 October.