Marise Cardoso

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  • WOMEX 2012

Marise Cardoso aka djiiva* is a Brazilian tireless artist, founder and director of the cultural platform 189 MHz _ Creative Frequency, composer, Dj and producer, who lives and works in Barcelona since 2000.

Dynamic, tireless and creative, Marise Cardoso is a multi-talent.

With a background in architecture and a passion for the arts, she is the creator and director of two of the most eclectic, original and popular Barcelona festivals in recent years. Together, the two festivals have added up to an impressive 25 editions in just ten years.

PULGAS MIX – new tendences festival _ a platform for young artists, musicians & fashion designers.


FEMELEK – a confluence of music, new technology and avant-garde art made by women.

//// MUSIC ////


Marise is also the head of NSISTA, impressive electronic vocal project with her younger sister, Amarilis.

NSISTA is a super original and delightfully fresh mix, composed from electronic beats mixed with Afro-Latin roots rhythms, interesting vocal games and impelling stage performance. Their music and remixes has faced excellent critics and impressive repercussion between many acclaimed European and Brazilian Djs.

Two women, voices of different shades, organic beats, live play of digital and analogical percussion, remixes of its influences by brazilian roots, but with the cosmopolitan touch of ones that have traveled the world. A forceful spectacle, with scenic interventions and total integration with the crowd.

_______djiiva* _ DJ live SET _________

The music of djiiva* is a trip where electronic beats are mixed with warm and groovy sounds, reminiscent of black music and the infinite afro brazilian & latin influences . djiiva* use to present in Dj Live Sets, her most recent productions, surprising with her powerful feminine flow. Listen with attention. It is electronic music with soul.


Under the alias of *AviiD – experimental version of her musical research – Marise composed soundtracks for Contemporary Dance, Performances and Cinema. *AviiD explores the athmospheric hiphop, electronic subtleties, sampling, effects, acoustic instruments and voice mixed with digital rarities, pure work in progress.

/// 189 MHz _ activities 2012 / 2012 ///

Marise Cardoso

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