Diaspora For Africa Benefit Series

  • event type:Conference
  • date:28 Oct 2006
  • time:2PM until 3:30PM
  • city/area:Sevilla
  • venue:Mezquita ROOM, Fibes
  • country:Spain
  • event submitted by:Afrikool Records

Afrikool Entertainment GmbH will be hosting a get together on Saturday Oct. 28th from 2PM until 3:30PM in the Mezquita ROOM to present "The Diaspora for Africa" Benefit Compilation Series which I created by as "Special Envoy for Germany" for the Fight Against Global Malnutrition & Poverty in association with the United Nations Permanent Observer Mission CISRI-ISP: (www.pomun.org/goodwill_ambassadors.htm)and the Munich/ Germany based Water Foundation :(www.wasserstiftung.de/personen.html)whom I both serve.

Our goals for WOMEX 2006 and MIDEM 2007 are as follows:

1- Finding responsible partners & collaborators for the distribution of the above mentioned product beginning with "VOL1" under Exclusive license for their Territory.

2- Discover new talent to consider for placing on "VOL2".

3- Introduction of various sounds from our Artist roster featured on "Uncharted waters" compilation CD1 in collaboration with Koolwave LLC (www.koolwave.net).

All products are available for License. We invite you to please visit www.diaspora-for-africa.net , for a better understanding of our project. Featured Artists on "Vol1" are:

Lou Bega, Kanda Bongo Man, ZIFA, Alain Nkossi Konda, Bobby Ricketts, Nicole Collins, Muna Mingole, Jim Savitt & the Afrikool Allstars, Chirs Hedge & Tito Sompa, Selasee Atiase, Mickeo Leao, Delmar Brown, Anne Seier, Lindu Mona, Traciana Graves, Sofia De Portugal, Bob Bailey, King Kora, Firmino Pascoal.

Thanks again for your support and for your consideration!

Alain Nkossi Konda
CEO/ Founder
Afrikool Entertainment Gmbh &

date: 2006/10/28 -