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Line up

  • Dan „Brown“ Matweta  (voc)
  • David „Örkel“ Fiege (git)
  • Dominik Ohlmann  (trumpet)
  • Jacek „Wujek“ Brzozowski (keys)
  • Jens Kolpatzik  (tromb)
  • Johannes Hartogh (sax)
  • Julian Kühn  (drums)
  • Pascal Wenske  (bass)
  • Sebastián „Seba“ Campos  (voc)


„Banda Senderos are the newcomer band of the global pop scene. Just a few are capable of mixing both, Cumbia and Reggae to an extent as fresh as those vagabonds in between the continents. Their mission: Party for the world!” (Funkhaus Europa/WDR)

The spanish word for path is Sendero. Banda Senderos is always in motion looking for new sounds and new stages. In 2012 the project Banda Senderos was founded by three jazz musicians from Essen who first played Bossa-Pop music. After just a few concerts the band grew quickly by adding new talented musicians who brought in their ideas to form the distinctive Banda Senderos sound. Since spring 2013 the recent formation consists of:

Sebastián „Seba“ Campos (born in Santiago de Chile) and Dan „Brown“ Matweta (born in Kinshasa, Kongo) as international singers and entertainers; Julian Kühn (drums), David „Örkel“ Fiege (guitar) and Pascal Wenske (bass) as the grooving rythm section; Jacek „Wujek“ Brzozowski (born in Katowice, Poland) playing the keys and sampling sounds as well as the horn section consisting of Dominik Ohlmann (trumpet), Johannes Hartogh (saxophone) and Jens Kolpatzik (trombone).

From then on the nine musicians have combined South American rhythms, Reggae music, Pop music and electronic beats and samples to a music that leads inevitably to only one scenario: A dancing audience.

Whereas Cumbia meets Reggae, Pop sounds and phat beats, German smoothly meets Spanish, French and English in the lyrics of the two singers Sebastián and Dan. By listening to the music you may get the feeling of “chiringuitos” (beach bars), boisterous parties and warm summer nights - no matter if you are in South America, Africa or in Germany.

Representing the young, lively and multicultural generation Banda Senderos party together with friend and foe using the only language that unites us all: music!