Mahide Lein


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This planet really needs the much–longed–for cosmopolitan attitudes and benevolence to present itself in an international and multicultural way. The art of generating this is AHOI`s main focus. Because the art – trend tends to a global light – consumption AHOI is a valuable enrichment to Berlin. The cultural centre needs conscious and creative artists!

AHOI`s spontaneous cosmopolitan attitudes link artists and event organisers all over the world with all kinds of arts, cultures and life – styles of this planet!

All senses get stimulated to preserve the joy of life and to foster new qualities of life!

During the last 40 years contacts to about 300 artists from all over the world in a good balance of male and female with all ages resulted from a lot of events at associations and initiatives: AHOI is their home.
Through the organisation of concert series or events regarding Human-Rights-Themes for different projects in Berlin many artists and actionists gathered around me. This actionism combined with passionate engagement, the courage to handle themes that cross the boundaries and the innovative implementation of ideas are described in many articles and media. Working groups, connections and love for many different people helped to make me an institution and prominent (“ZivilcourageAward 2004” from CSD e.V.).
With Stars & Starlets I organised events for congresses, festivals and other meetings and linked me with an artist’s agency by nature.

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