• country:Morocco
  • style(s):Andalus, Mediterranean
  • artist posted by:Al-Andalus


Zahra (dance) is the youngest member of al-Andalus and was
'born dancing' Zahra was fortunate to have spent her infancy in
the studios of Mary Oslund & Co and begin formal studies at age
four as a classical ballet scholarship student at the Oregon Ballet
Theatre (OBT) and later at Dance Unlimited in Santa Barbara,
California. Zahras professional carrier began at age 13 when she
danced and choreographed for the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance
Teen Choreography Showcase. She has since gone on to
performed at the Smithsonian Museum, National Building
Museum, Ford Center and more. Los Angeles High School for
the Arts (LACHSA) alumni, Zahra was fortunate to study under
Lois Hunter (Senior Program Specialist Dance/Theatre), Mr.
Almaguer (Cuba), Reggie Brown (lyrical modern), Danashanti
Harter (ballet),Beth Hirschhaut-Iguchi (ballet), Don Martin
(Horton), Rebecca Newport (ballet), Vera Ninkovic (ballet),
Lawrence Rosenberg (ballet) She spends her summers between
Tangier, Morocco and at DADA, studio of academy award
filmstar, dancer & choreographer Debbie Allen and Master
Teacher Adrienne Dellas Thorton of the Debbie Allen Dance
Academy (home of the hit television series and reality show
Fame). Zahra trained under Nina Kolenskinov (Kirov Ballet) Vitaly
Artuishkin and Alla Khaniashvili former principal dancers with
the Bolshoi Ballet, Stephen Smith and Karen McDonald (modern),
Ava Bernstin (hip-hop), Titus Fotso (African), Sarah Anindo
Marshall (Dunham) and Janson Samuels Smith (tap).

Zahra is frequently joined by Houssain & Hassan, identical twins
from Fez, Morocco. Together they perform modern, jazz & hip-
hop pieces. Houssain & Hassan set the standard for hip-hop for
what is increasingly becoming a booming trend throughout

Zahra is currently a scholarship student the California Institute
for the Arts, Walt Disney School of Dance (fall 06)