Marcelo Jeneci

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    South America
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    • MPB
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    Solo, Composer/Songwriter
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    instrumental, vocal
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The multi-instrumentalist and composer MARCELO JENECI launches his debut album, "MADE TO END", produced by Kassin and recorded live in studio in Sao Paulo with orchestral arrangements by Arthur Verocai. The thirteen original songs, mostly in partnership with names already known by the Brazilian public, mark the first crop of his compositions. The album was largely recorded live, in strips of 2 inches by Studer A 827 recorders with 24 channels, at the studio COMEP (Communicacao Musical Editoras Paulinas), in Sao Paulo.

Five out of the thirteen songs on "Made To End", were arranged by the instrumentalist (guitarist) and composer Arthur Verocai also responsible for arranging and conducting albums to Marcos Valle, Gal Costa, Erasmo Carlos, Jorge Ben, Ivan Lins and Elizeth Cardoso. Arthur is also the author of the cult album Arthur Verocai (1972). On "Made to End" he arranged "Feita Pra Acabar" and "Quarto de Dormir", both with orchestral arrangements, and "Felicidade", "Tempestade Emocional" and "Porque Nos"", these with string arrangements. The recordings of the orchestra, which featured 20 musicians, were performed at Studio Mega in Rio de Janeiro.

The female voice that punctuates the songs belongs to the singer Laura Lavieri, also from Sao Paulo, a 21 year-old-psychology, singing and cello student. She met Jeneci through her father, Rodrigo Rodrigues, who was part of the trio "Musica Ligeira" with Manga Mario and Fabio Tagliaferri. In 2007, Laura and Jeneci became musical partners, at a time when he, after years of dedication to the instruments, found himself as a composer and she, as a singer.

Born in Cohab Juscelino in Guaianases, East Zone of Sao Paulo, Jeneci was raised by his mother in Sao Paulo and Pernambuco by his father, an admirer of Roberto Carlos and musical instruments. Jeneci was broght up listening to radio stations and popular soap opera soundtracks. Over 25 years later, he and his family were moved each time they heard the young composer's songs - "Amado" (partnership with Jeneci and Vanessa da Mata) and "Longe" (with Arnaldo Antunes signed) - in the soup opera of one of the main TV stations in the country.

Jeneci released his debut album but now he celebrates over a decade of music career as an instrumentalist. In 2000, Manoel Jeneci, from Pernambuco, his father and autodidact who always made a living repairing electronic devices, household appliances and musical instruments - knew by those who use to attend his office that the composer and singer Chico Cesar was looking for a musician to play accordion and piano in his international tour. Marcelo played piano and trained with the accordions the customers left to get fixed by his father, but he didn't have his own instrument. The problem was solved when one of his father's client, Dominguinhos, decided to present the child with a piece of his collection. Marcelo took passport and started his first job as a professional musician with an accordion from the master Dominguinhos. Now, Chico Cesar is his partner in the track "Felicidade", which, not coincidentally, opens the first disc of the composer, now 28.

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Marcelo Jeneci


photo by Alessandra Fratus




Composed by Marcelo Jeneci and Chico César


Pra Sonhar

Composed by Marcelo Jeneci


Dia a Dia Lado a Lado

Composed by Marcelo Jeneci

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