Matthias Loibner & Wiener Choralschola - InParadisum

Matthias Loibner & Wiener Choralschola - InParadisum
In Paradisum (by M.Loibner)
die Wiener Choralschola
Matthias Loibner (By B.Fabianova)


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  • country:Austria
  • style(s):Choral, Instrumental
  • label:not signed
  • type:Small Ensemble
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Bigathing.very Special Music

Line up

  • Alex Braun (vocal)
  • Benno Hüttler (vocal)
  • Daniel Mair (vocal, leader)
  • Johannes Kobald (vocal)
  • Lorin Wey (vocal, soloist)
  • Matthias Loibner  (Drehleier)
  • Robert Kovacs (vocal)



a profound sound experience
gregorian chant meets electronic hurdy-gurdy

In the musical utopia „inParadisum“ for hurdy-gurdy with electronics and Gregorian chant, the well-travelled virtuoso of his rare instrument Matthias Loibner and the Wiener Choralschola, under the direction of Daniel Mair, compare and combine individual and ancient christian visions of terrestrial and celestial paradise. Somewhere between „threateningly close“ and „to be stretched to breaking point“ the balanced, choral sound of the male voices and the touchingly straight sound of the hurdy-gurdy, which Matthias Loibner transfers into modern electronic realms, unify into a refreshing meditative flow.
As a meditation in the true sense of the word, namely to reflect and contemplate the sounding word intellectually, emotionally and rhetorically to a perfect symbiosis of word and sound, traditional Gregorian chant has been practised by monks on a daily basis for more than a thousand years nearly unaltered.
In comparison the hurdy-gurdy, which originally was used as a church instrument about one thousand years ago, experienced constant shifts due to its varied assignements given to by different cultures and social classes – hence it was used in court-, folk- and dance music and almost allegorically evolved to the secular instrument of the solitary travelling minstrel.