Custódio Castelo

Custódio Castelo


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Line up

  • Carlos Leitão (classical guitar)
  • Carlos Menezes  (double and electric bass)
  • Custódio Castelo (Portuguese guitar )
  • Ianina Khmelik (violin)
  • Pedro Ladeira (clarinet)
  • Rui Gonçalves  (drums)


Amongst fado afficianados, it's generally taken as established fact that Custódio Castelo is the world's leading player of the Portugese guitar, acclaimed for his eloquently passionate and emotionally nuanced expression. In 2010 he received the Amalia Rodrigues Prize for Best Instrumentalist; as a young man he played with the great diva on her last American tour and since then he has been the ubiquitous accompanist for many of her successors, such as Ana Moura, Mariza, Mizia and Cristina Branco. But more than a great musician, he's also a prodigious composer and record producer, working with a wide range of leading Portugese artists. In 2005, after an injury that almost ended his career, he recorded a solo album of his own compositions and since his full recovery he has toured the world, heading his own ensemble.