Andrew Cronshaw


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Andrew Cronshaw is a British multi-instrumentalist, playing zither, ba-wu, fujara, kantele, marovantele and a bunch of other non-mainstream instruments.
As result, he fell into record production,live sound engineering and - finding he could spell - into music journalism (writing mainly for fRoots and the Rough Guide to World Music, but also for Sing Out, The Strad and other mags and books, largely on the musics of northern and eastern Europe and Iberia).

He's made nine solo albums; the last three, "On the Shoulders of the Great Bear" (centred on traditional Finnish runo-music), "Ochre" (built on English folk song tunes) and the newest, "The Unbroken Surface of Snow", are on his own label, Cloud Valley. ("Ochre" was one of the 4 CDs nominated for the Critics' Award in the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards).

"The Unbroken Surface of Snow" features four musicians: Cronshaw, Armenian duduk master Tigran Aleksanyan, reeds-player and multi-instrumentalist Ian Blake, and Finnish singer Sanna Kurki-Suonio, well known as a member of seminal Swedish/Finnish band Hedningarna.

After the recording of the album these four came together for live shows at Kaustinen Festival in Finland, and they went so well that the quartet is now the band SANS, which will be touring in 2012 and beyond. Agent

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A recent Cronshaw involvement has been with Serbian traditional village music. In early 2008 he recorded and released on Cloud Valley the CD "Zegar Zivi", of a group of extraordinarily resilient traditional singers recorded in their village, Zegar, in the rocky hill country of Dalmatia, "ethnically cleansed" during the war of the 1990s and still shattered and depopulated, to which they have returned.
The Zegar Zivi album is the result of Cronshaw's collaboration with the great Serbian traditional singer Svetlana Spajic, who was also in the Zegar group and was the prime mover in the recordings there. Over the past few years Cronshaw and Spajic have done several performances together, joined by Aleksanyan and sometimes Blake, including at WOMAD UK.

As well as with the new quartet SANS, which is his current main priority and obsession, Cronshaw continues to perform worldwide solo, in duo shows with Tigran Aleksanyan or Ian Blake, and as a trio with Blake and Aleksanyan.

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