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Spotalent / Ramzi S. Halaby

Spotalent’s music and talent management services are dedicated to helping the independent artist with every aspect of the music and talent...

Heftsiba - The Mediterranean Flute Diva

Heftsiba Zer Aviv ORIENTAL'S FLUTES - The ancient voice of the flute in a unique Jewish heritage World music's concert.

Hermes Records

Hermes Records experiments on the rich muical treasure of Iran and helps artists approach new horizons.

Pardis Institute of Contemporary Music

Pardis Institute of Contemporary Music is an Iranian Cultural-Artistic Institute that focuses its activities on development world contemporary Music.

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file under : folk Bolivia Based on various traditions, Zumbayllu takes the listener for a musical journey through Bolivia. The use of a...

Latin Wave

Latin Wave is a booking agency which promotes high quality Latin-American music, arts and cultural projects.


Biflats is World Music Made in Catalonia


Pure music and theatre in Holland/Belgium

Milap Festival Trust

ilap Festival Trust is a national South Asian Arts Development Agency in the UK. Our main activities include: Milapfest – the UK’s...

Alissid Jazz

ALISSID JAZZ PROJECT The music of this project is a most demonstrative example of advanced intellectual live improvisatory acid-jazz-live...

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Music Today (Living Media India Limited)

Music Today represents the ‘music of India’ like no other music label.

The Esplanade Co Ltd

Singapore's National Performing Arts Centre

Bossa Negra 巴西音樂俱樂部

Bossa Negra is a musical concept created by producers Howard X and Sérgio Brandão with the aim of making Brazilian music accessible outside of Brazil.

Geomungo Factory

[Aisan(Korean) Music Ensemble] Performance Groups, Traditional,modern,contemporary. Geomungo is 'Best of the Best' of Asian Zither.

The Gurdjieff Ensemble

The Gurdjieff Ensemble was founded by Levon Eskenian, the ensemble consists of Armenia's leading musicians

Groove Temple Entertainment

Groove Temple Entertainment is a boutique event management company based in Mumbai.

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Calabash Music

Calabash Music is the leading destination for world music downloads, combining the largest collection of digital world music with engaging music...

Ethnocloud is a World Music platform for Artists, Labels, Event Organizers, Industry Professionals and Music Lovers.

LED Artists

LED Artists represents world music, jazz, contemporary classical and new music, dance and experimental performance arts.

Centre De Ressources International Et Acadien (cria)

Le CRIA est un outil Web servant à mettre en lien les artistes francophones du Canada Atlantique avec.

Link TV

Link TV is a non-commercial satellite channel broadcasting nationwide in the USA dedicated to connecting Americans with the rest of the world.

Erik & the Worldly Savages is a folk punk band from Belgrade (Serbia) which is led by Canadian singer/songwriter Erik Mut.

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Kriol Jazz Festival

Created in 1998, Harmonia LDA provides activities such as musical production, distribution and concert production.

The Management Group

The Management Group is an Artist Management Agency based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We focus on Artist, Concert and Tour Management.

Ketebul Music

Ketebul Music develops and promotes the diverse traditional sounds of Kenya and East Africa through research, production, documentation and archiving.

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Agogo Cultural

Artists Management, Booking agent and Tour manager based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Barreto, Rafa

musician & composer from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Radio Nacional de Colombia, Colombia's Public Radio

She is undoubtedly one of the most influential music journalists in her country. With more than 20 years of experience in radio and written media.

Babel Produções Artisticas

BABEL PRODUÇÕES ARTÍSTICAS is a company specialized in planning, accomplishment and management of cultural and artistic projects.

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Sol de Sully Management

We support New Zealand artists to present their music to the world. In 2018

Noemi Liba

'One of Australia’s true innovative talents' Allan Zavod, ex Frank Zappa Band 'Noemi Liba's music is a true gift to any sensitive music...

Tihi Ltd

Tihi Ltd is a production and events company based in New Zealand. Promotes and presents New Zealand Artists and music.

We have a number of World Music artists, publishing and CD catalogue that we represent from New Zealand. We also have Booking Agency, Festival Product


Sugarlicks is a boutique agency, label and production house operating in the music and arts industries in Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand.

King Music

King Exports is the oldest and most respected distributor in the South Pacific, supplying a total one-stop service direct to retail throughout...

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