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12 Inch Productions

12 Inch Productions is a young and dynamic production company and independent record label with studio facilities based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

80 Questions

"world wide journey with paintings and rasio music shows, with social cultural projects and tour management"...


moving cultures is an initiative of the vidc (Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation) promoting the arts and culture. It is an Austrian...

AC Formedonda - Produzioni Sonore

Formedonda (Sicily) is involved in projects that blend the musical influences of the Mediterranean area and in exchange of networks artistic/musical.

aCentral Folque, Centro Galego de Musica Popular

Galician Center for Traditional Music is a project focused on study, promotion and management of Galician music with a wide and contemporary approach


ACUM is a non-profit corporation administering the rights assigned to it by its members: authors, composers, lyricists, poets, arrangers and publisher

Addis Acoustic Project

Rearrangements of vintage Ethiopian music from the 1950's and 60's with the influence of Jazz, Latin and East African musical traditions.

Adel Salameh

Palestinian oud player and composer have worked with Real World, Womad festivals for many years, toured the world and recorded 9 cds with different re

Africa Oyé Festival

The Africa Oye Festival takes place in Liverpool every June in Sefton park Liverpool, UK. We programme Live Music from Africa and the diaspora.

Africulturban / Festa2h

Festa2H Festival is an international Hiphop and Urban Cultures its take place in Dakar Senegal every month of june and its free more 5 frees show in 5

Aga Khan Museum

Museum focuses on the arts of the Islamic civilisations — and especially of the plurality within Islam and of Islam’s relationship to other traditions

Aga Khan Music Initiative

The Aga Khan Music Initiative is a music and education programme.