Cover EP Viaje Al Infinito
Riccie Oriach
  • country:Dominican Republic
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Afro, Rock
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:rock band
  • artist posted by:Conga Booking SL

Line up

  • Federico López (Guitar R / Vocal)
  • Elionell Pozo (Bass)
  • Génesis Zabala (Flauta / Vocal )
  • José Carlos Oviedo (Percussion)
  • Nicolás Mondragón (Sax / Vocal )
  • Riccie Oriach (Vocal lead)
  • Sosa Más Nada (Drums / Vocal )
  • Vic Contreras (Guitar L / Vocal)


Riccie Oriach emerges as a fresh tide of tropical rhythms that transits and expands the latin rock sounds and the fusion of music from the Caribbean. His songs are a mixture of day by day experiences and fiction, stories with characters that are made visible as you listen, music with the color of the tropics, melodies that ask for you to dance, creating a connection with the audience.

This unity and empathy are completed by the characteristic sense of humor of the artist, present not only in his lyrics and melodies but in his live performances next to a band of hallucinating friends (translation of the name for the band), capable of spreading the fun without limits that they live in the stage. The genres “son, bachata, merengue, cumbia, gagá, rock, jazz, metal, guaguancó, sarandunga” emerge as if they came from a pandora box, surreal as the island he inhabit, happy as a hometown party, colorful as the caribbean.

At the moment Riccie is promoting his first EP Viaje al Infinito, a record of 6 songs under the musical production of Federico López Schaper. The EP was released simultaneously to its first Video clip with the same name Viaje Al Infinito.

The first two years have rapidly taken the artist and his band to several scenarios within the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, La Vega, Cabarete, San Francisco, Bávaro, Santiago, La Romana) and outside of the country being able to share with audiences abroad. In the month of September 2017, Riccie Oriach along with the band members of La Alucinante Banda, toured in Colombia performing 10 times in two different cities.
He came back to the DR and gave a show filled with so much energy so that his audience would live an intense experience along the band.

Reviews :

.“Riccie a relay of alternative music” Riccie Oriach has a peculiar and funny way of telling stories. His music talks about things of the country using Taíno, Afrotaínos and very regional terms (...) He is a relay that is making true music merged in the country.

“Riccie Oriach is one of those artists who play the music they love, regardless of the demands of the music market trends. The quality of his lyrics and his peculiar style positioned him among the most listened Dominican artists of the Spotify platform during 2017 "