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CUZA Agency will be at Womex 2015 in Budapest looking for new alliances for Europe, Asia and Midle Eastern and offering in exchange his network in North and South America, lets talk!
We represent:
Septeto Santiaguero- Cuba
Tribu Baharu- Colombia
Toto la Momposina- Colombia (Just for North America)
Orquesta Aragon- Cuba (Just North America)
Los Van Van- Cuba (Canadian representation)
Orange Hill- San Andres, Colombia
Groove 82- San Andres Colombia
Cathy Pimente- Portugal
Brenda Navarrete- Cuba
Jesus Aguaje y su Orquesta Buena Vista (Cuba)
La 33- Colombia (just North America)
Elito Reve y su Charangón-Cuba (just North America)

article posted by:Raul Cuza, CUZA Agency