Toques do Caramulo

Line up

  • Aníbal Almeida (rabeca - traditional violin)
  • Francisco Almeida (guitar)
  • Lara Figueiredo (flute)
  • Luís Fernandes (viola braguesa, accordion, lead voice)
  • Miguel Cardoso (doublebass)
  • Ricardo Coutinho (drums)
  • country:
  • region:
  • style(s):
    • Folk
    • Tradimodern
  • label:
  • type:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
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Toques do Caramulo is the name of one of the best live acts in the Portuguese folk.
The six-member band connects the rough and original sound from central Portugal with contagious, fresh and modern arrangements. In doing so, they contribute their know-how as musicians for the renewal of partially forgotten songs - sometimes ironically interpreted, but always accompanied by great respect for the origin and traditions of the people from the Caramulo mountains, who are describing the beauty of their homeland in their songs. The result of this creative mix is sensitive artworks: wistful, but also cheeky and, of course, danceable
But not only musical ability brings the audience on the move - Toques do Caramulo particularly impresses by a stunning stage presence, especially by the front man Luis Fernandes. His energy and his lust for playing are the main reasons for the great success of this unusual band. The audience experiences a jolly show, involving young and old. The result is more than a concert. In the end, people may notice with bafflement, that they were part of a collective performance created by band and audience.
For the atmospheric musical background a variety of instruments are responsible: accordion,
flute, violin, acoustic guitar, double bass and different drums for the rhythmic accompaniment. With the Toques you are dancing, singing, playing and laughing. Lots of fun, embedded in thrilling
music. A touch of Caramulo



Toques do Caramulo


concert Castro Verde Febr05concert Águeda Jul06concert Águeda Jul06concert Torres Novas Jul06Promo Retoquesconcerto Tondela April 2011concerto Tondela April 2011Promo Retoquesconcert Braga 2010concert Águeda Jul2011


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Atiraste Atirei

trad / arrangement Luís Fernandes


Ó Pedras Desta Calçada

trad / arrangement Luís Fernandes


Real Caninha

trad / arrangement Luís Fernandes


Duas Libras

trad / arrangement Carlos Peninha and Miguel Cardoso


É um Ar Que Lhe Dá

trad / arrangement Luís Fernandes


Já Vou Chegando à Serra

trad / arrangement Luís Fernandes



trad / arrangement Luís Fernandes


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