"Coffee & Novos Compositores (bonus tracks)" - Dani Gurgel

In 2014, Dani Gurgel selected a compilation exclusively for Japan, introducing Brazilian new composers. For this compilation, named "Coffee & Novos COmpositores", Dani produced two new songs, which are presented here.

In each song, Dani receives one or more guests: the song’s composers who are part of the recording. The new faces tonic the record’s different sonorities as well.

Dani Gurgel


Track List

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O que eu quero - feat. Barbara Rodrix, Paulo Novaes & Gabriel Santiago

(Paulo Novaes)


Quero dançar no final - feat. Duda Brack, Juca Chuquer & Gabriel Santiago

(Pedro Alterio/Dani Gurgel)

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