"Mabuk Cinta" - DEBU

  • artist:DEBU
  • release year:2003
  • style(s):Fusion, Sufi
  • country:Indonesia
  • record submitted by:Debu - Dust Productions
  • label:Forte Records


DEBU's debut album
From DEBU's vast repertoire of music, the selected songs in this debut represent DEBU's fast journeying and ever evolving musical style. Drunk with Love represents a synthesis and the impetus for all the songs in this album. Implicitly and explicitly, the Sufi poetry manifests the drunkenness of of the Sufi poet - drunk with the love of his Creator and striving to convey this love adequately.

Note: The CD is multimedia and features Debu's first music video for the song Cinta Saja.