Dom Flemons
  • country:USA
  • label:Music Maker Recordings
  • artist submitted by:Dom Flemons

Line up

  • Dom Flemons (banjo, guitar, bones, quills, harmonica )


Co-founder of Grammy-winning African-American string-band revivalists, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dom Flemons continues on his quest to bring old-time folk music to a contemporary audience, digging deep into the roots of ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals and southern folk, string-band, jug-band and fife and drum music, presented with wry humour and casual dexterity on guitar, banjo, harmonica, fife, bones and quills. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, he started playing as a percussionist in his high-school band. The doorway into the past opened when he heard the first Bob Dylan album, setting him on a journey of discovery through the folk singers of the 60s back to 50s rock'n'roll, Hank Williams and beyond to the blues and jazz roots of early American music.
Now he's a walking encyclopedia on the subject, an old-time American songster for the new times.