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  • Eastenders


Eastenders are the music journalist and DJ Stefan Mueller (aka DJ Eastenders) and his production partner Cem Buldak (aka Afrit). DJ Eastenders socialised with friends’ projects during his gigs in clubs like Vienna's hot spot "OstKlub", Paris' "Divan du monde" or at Sziget festival in Budapest. He accompanied the band !DelaDap (Vienna) on the "Gypsy-Groove-Tour" accross Europe organised by the famous worldmusic label "Putumayo". And now all those friends and colleagues from all over Europe are having their well deserved feature as remixers and vocalists. If you take a look at a map of Europe, it is plein to see that it is all about the cities Eastenders made friends in within the last years: Vienna, Budapest, London, Brussels, Berlin...

Their first EP “Original Style” impressed their role models Badmarsh&Shri and The Underwolves so much that they immediately offered to remix the Darbuka track with its characteristic Didgeridoo breaks! The second 12“ “Misterio” – a combination of a fresh & serious dancehall-riddim with oriental strings - went straight to #1 in the German DJ Club Charts and was a shure shot in every serious dj-case.

Beside this productions, DJ Eastenders has compiled the „Orientation“ series for the Poets Club Records label. „Orientation“ features music producers and artists from all over the world in order to fuse traditional Middle Eastern and Asian sounds with Western electronic club music. He has taken and spread his musical „Orientation“ to London, Moscow, Budapest, Istanbul and Malaysia.. Already in 1997 DJ Eastenders launched the party event “Indian Vibes” in Frankfurt. The mixed crowd going to this club night was fascinated over and over again by its special atmosphere to which the visual concept of showing Bollywood films contributed substantially – this was also the starting point for his „Orientation“ concept.

In 2004. Eastenders first artist album „Along the path“ was released. The special thing about this album is the healthy combination of traditional means and instruments with the latest and up-to-date production method. This album tickles your eardrums with a huge amount of strange grooves that easily transform into (or sort of co-exist besides) contemporary club rhythms: like house or drum’n’bass, even downbeats at times.

„Along The Path“ features musicians from countries like Morocco, Turkey, Romania, Egypt or from elsewhere on the planet and is brought to life by the featured guest artists who all contribute their unique story:

Turkish rap celebrity Sultan Tunc for example is the featured vocalist on the hypnotic downtempo nightride “Taxici”. But of course he is not the only secret international superstar on “Along The Path” …
Shady Sheha, a young Egyptian man, was being featured on Germany’s no. 1 casting show „Pop Idols“! The strong, house.driven Eastenders song “On The Ride” is a much better option for Shady’s talent than any “Pop Idol” cheapness … his gifted and unique vocals fuel a wild stampede of beats that should rock any dancefloor around the globe.
The acoustic road movie „Hai Cu Totii“ features Afrit’s roma gypsy friends from Romania. The street musicians were constantly performing on the street in front of Afrit’s window, until finally he asked them into his recording studio. A true story about friendship, told in a bittersweet language by a clarinet and an accordion.

Singers and instrumentalists from all sorts of foreign countries, the organic sounds of all those traditional instruments, those beats and grooves full of history, present tense and future: it’s all for real on “Along The Path”. The darbouka, the tambur, the tablas, the Kanun flute, they all have been played live and by real masters for this special occasion. For Eastenders and Afrit really the only way to transport the full blown passion of the music they love so much. The decent, sexy feeling of bellydancing, the perfect relaxation promised by a turkish steam bath, dancing under palmtrees after excessive consumption of sweet and strange alcoholica… all this and more hides behind the secret sesame doors of this album. Open them…


Stefan Müller aka DJ Eastenders beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit Global Breaks und Asian Dance Sounds von indischen Bollywood-Sounds über laszive orientalische Klänge und Rhythmen bis hin zu fernöstlicher Musik.
Beim Frankfurter Radiosender You-FM hostet er als Radio-DJ die Lounge-Show: immer sonntags von 5 bis 8 Uhr morgens und 21 Uhr bis Mitternacht, oft mit Gast-DJs.

Für Cocoonrecordings hat DJ Eastenders die Cd-Compilation „Silk Pearls“ mit zusammengestellt – eine Klangreise durch Asien und den Orient. Für Poets Club Records hat er bereits zuvor die beiden „Orientation“ Compilations zusammengestellt. Hier verschmelzen traditionelle orientalische und asiatische Sounds mit der elektronischen Clubmusik der westlichen Welt. Durch seine weitreichenden Kontakte konnte Eastenders viele exklusive und rare Stücke von Produzenten und Aktivisten aus der ganzen Welt gewinnen, wie Nitin Sawhney, dZihan&Kamien, Badmarsh&Shri, Natacha Atlas und viele mehr.

Bereits 1997 rief er die „Indian Vibes“-Reihe in Frankfurt mit ins Leben, einen Clubabend für den Sound des Nu-Asian-Undergounds. Das bunt gemischte Publikum war immer wieder fasziniert von der speziellen Atmosphäre dieser Clubnacht, zu der auch das visuelle Konzept mit Bollywood-Filmen beigetragen hat. Seitdem begleitete DJ Eastenders schon Badmarsh & Shri und Trilok Gurtu auf Tour und konnte in den letzten Jahren seine „Orientation“ auch in London´s trendy „Cargo“, den „Nottinghill Art Club“, Moskau´s „People“-Club, das berühmte türkische „Rudasz“-Dampfbad in Budapest, nach Wien („Porgy & Bess“, „Ostklub“), Istanbul („Babylon“, „Roxy“ ), Stockholm („Re-Orient-Festival“), Amsterdam („Mystic Grooves“), und an den Strand von Borneo (Malaysia) und Ibiza („Kumharas“, „Casita Verde“) tragen.

Bei seinen Musikproduktionen arbeitet DJ Eastenders meist mit Gast- und Livemusikern zusammen und schafft so immer ein organisches Element, das er gekonnt mit elektronischer Clubmusik verknüpft. Seine zweite 12" „Misterio”, die einen roughen Dancehall-Riddim mit orientalischen Streichern und den Ragga Vocals von MC Markie J (Riddim Wize) kombiniert, setzte sich vor einem Jahrsofort an die Spitze der Deutschen DJ-Clubcharts (DCC) und wurde für die renommierte Cd-Reihe „Neue Heimat – Electr. Music Made in Germany“ lizensiert!

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