Nordic Raga


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  • country:Sweden
  • region:Indian Subcontinent
  • style(s):Scandinavian, Indian Classical
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble, Quartet
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, string, woodwind
  • artist submitted by:Evolving Traditions

Line up

  • Dan Svensson (percussion, vocals)
  • Jyotsna Srikanth (violin, vocals)
  • Mats Edén (violin, melodeon)
  • Pär Moberg (saxophone, didgeridoo, harmonica, flutes)


Nominated in the category Cross cultural project of the Year at the National Folk & World Music gala of Sweden, March 2015.

Nordic Raga is a group which experiments with bringing more improvisation in Nordic folk music, which traditionally doesn´t use improvisation much. To find inspiration for this they use models for how improvisation is used in classical Indian music, but use Nordic scales and rhythms.

Nordic Raga has been touring extensively both in Scandinavia, the UK and India. In a typical Nordic Raga concert the emphasis is on improvised music, where the improvisation is based on scales and rhythms from Nordic folk music, but uses the tools of south Indian Carnatic music. But the band also performs both more traditional Nordic and Carnatic music. A cd is recorded and a release tour is planned for 2017.