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Fain Mantega playing
Fain Mantega in a rehearsal
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We are the Fain-Mantega Duet (piano & flutes), coming from Argentina, that using the roots of Argentine Folk and Tango music, we developes a whole panorama with our own compositions and we also make original arrangements on the Astor Piazzolla music.

We are coming to Womex looking for booking partners, promoters and festival firms in Europe, Japan and USA.
We are already booking for our European tour 2009 (October-November)

The Fain-Mantega duet has been carrying out extensive activities all over Europe. Just within two years time (2007-2008) Fain-Mantega have made 4 tours around Europe, having given more than 100 concerts and Tango workshops in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Fain-Mantega recorded their first album called “+ TANGO” in 2006, and got the well known singer Liliana Herrarro as a star feature. The album had excellent critics by both the press and the audience. In 2008 the “Der Spiegel” magazine (Germany) included part of “+ Tango” into the compiled CD “Tango Pasion” (12.000 copies)
Galileo Music Communication distributes “+ Tango” in Germany and Austria.

Their second album, called “Secretos en Reunión” (Secrets in meeting) was featured in Buenos Aires in July 08, and during November & December 08, the Official European performance will take place at the “Aldmiralspalast” (Berlin) and at the WMDC (Rotterdam) among other 20 events through Europe.
The material was edited in a co-production with EPSA Music and is searching for a label interested in the European licence.

We would like to pre-book our meeting with any organisation or individual interested in working with us. Our contacts are as follow:

Email: or

Phone: +54 11 4924 6677
Mobil (in Europe from 20/10/08 to 16/12/08): +49 (0) 173 843 1342

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