"Adibar" - Mamadou Kelly

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    Mamadou Kelly
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    Mamadou Kelly
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    • Desert Blues
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    Clermont Music
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    Nolan + Associates Productions LLC

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From the heart of Mali's Niger Delta, blues guitar genius and singer Mamadou Kelly has played beside two of the greatest Malian musicians: Ali Farka Touré, as a member of his backing group; and Afel Bocoum, as a key member of the band, Alkibar. The supporting guitarist, he has accompanied these two greats on many tours and albums. The glue that holds the music together, Mamadou is a virtuoso. With an encyclopedic knowledge of Malian music, Mamadou Kelly represents the new sophistication of Mali. Yet, his charm belies a determined professional. Mamadou's song style is direct, deceptively simple and yet subtly layered with meaning. A rich, historical awareness supports his composition and delivery. Gently prodding his audience with stories, tales and life lessons learned, Mamadou brings a gracious hospitality to his music and the concert stage. With this album, Mamadou steps center-stage. Supported by long-time collaborators, Alpha Ousmane "Hama" Sankare, a calabash genius who can be heard on many historic recordings, and Brehima "Youro" Cisse, njarka (monochord violin) master, their music presents the best and most captivating combination of traditional and contemporary West Africa. On this disc they are joined by the young and gifted bass player Baba Traore. A smooth sophistication testifies to the high level of these artists' craft. The songs were all composed, arranged and performed by these musicians and represent the verve, style and sophistication of contemporary music from Mali. This is the first recording by Mamadou and Bankaina released under their own name.


Mamadou Kelly


Album Cover of Adibar by Mamadou Kelly Mamadou Kelly, Yoro Cisse, and Baba Traore in Bamako Hama Sankare from the Mamadou Kelly group

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Sehenon Men

Herders return to the village. All the young women come to see whose cows are the fattest. That is whom they praise.



An homage to the Tuoareg, the song praises a famous warrior and his horse.



When life gets tough, have courage. Keep positive and think of a peaceful future.

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