Celebrated singer brings the voice of experience to a fresh appraisal of Russian Gypsy songs.

A recipient of lavish praise, at different times of her life, from such music luminaries as Dmitri Shostakovich and Benny Andersson, Moscow-born Jelena Jakubovitch has been known for many years for her musical settings of Russian poetry. Now she has turned to her life-long love of Russian Gypsy songs and set in motion a journey of discovery. Gathering favourite pieces from her enormous collection of old recordings, dating back to the 1910s, she sent them to meet the meet the instruments of the Gypsy diaspora, drawing a musical line from India through Greece and northern Africa to Spain and France. Accompanied by her expert ensemble of Swedish musicians, including the redoubtable Lelo Nika on accordion, her knowing voice invites the listener to a world of powerful, sometimes desperate eroticism, of celebration, desire and cruel fate.