Manne V.ahn Öberg

producer/studio manager


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Manne von Ahn-Öberg, FEAR & BeatFear's enginering producer,artistic director.
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What are the prospects of real change in life? Possibly not very big for many of us. Change seem to come unnoticed and most of us do not recognize it even when we´re standing right in front of it. Perhaps it is not in our nature. Perhaps it is. We tend to look upon change as a risk. That might just be a correct definition after all. You need to take risks in order to experience true change in life.
The producer Manne v.Ahn Öberg has experienced great changes in life. His life´s journey has led him via some of the greatest studios and companies in the world, from Tokyo, New York, Stockholm, London, Berlin, to an old and remote farm in the deep forests of western Hälsingland, in Sweden. But music has no boundaries and sometimes the trip from Tokyo to Hälsingland might not be just as long as we tend to think.

From "Faith No More" to "Berlin Sinfonie-Orchester"!

Music has its own infrastructure and the inner journey we make may lead us to many unexpected and fascinating places. As it has, for Manne.
Perhaps it is thanks to his years with Decca and GRP rather than despite of them, he now walks along a musical subculture trail which have brought him to the strangest artistically moments, with the widest range of artists. He now travels the invisible paths of yesterday´s musical dialects and idioms, learning to know forgotten stories, meeting long dead pop hero's and tradition bearers, to the very heart of independent music.
Indeed, you never know where the road will lead you. The important thing is to travel on, to be open for change, to take the risk. And Manne can tell.

by Steve Ekeholm

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  • WOMEX 2011