Dervisci Rotanti Galata Mevlevi Ensemble

Line up

  • Öksuz Mustafa Aydın (Tanbour / Vocal, Chief Musicians)
  • Altinoz İsmail Sedat (Kamanche)
  • Baydar Serhat Hilmi (Whirling Dervish)
  • Bolugur Kadir (Whirling Dervish)
  • Gurez Selçuk ( Koudoum / Vocals)
  • Gursoy Murat (Whirling Dervish)
  • Kanberi Murat (Whirling Dervish)
  • Kesova Nail (Director/Vocal ,Al Sheikh)
  • Öksuz Ahmet Cemal  (Nay)
  • Ünal Ferda Cengiz (Vocal Solist)
  • Yigit Utku (Kanoun)

The Galata Mevlevi Music and Sema Ensemble, under the direction of Al Sheik Nail Kesova, brings to audiences around the world the beauty and spirituality of the Sema, the Mevlevi whirling ritual, and the tradition of Mevlevi music. The Whirling Dervishes of Turkey were proclaimed as a Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005.


Dervisci Rotanti Galata Mevlevi Ensemble


Galata Mevlevi Ensemble

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