Rondeau de Fauvel

Rondeau de Fauvel
Rondeau de Fauvel

Line up

  • Claudia Tognacci (Lead Vocal)
  • Claudio Marchetti (Drums)
  • Didier Bellon (Timpani, Glockenspiel, Bells, and other Percussion)
  • Eleonora Volpato (Celtic Harp)
  • Ilaria Fantin (Lute)
  • Marco Penzo (Electric Bass, Double Bass)
  • Michele Mastrotto (Hammered Dulcimer, Piva, Flute, Double Flute, Pan )


The Rondeau de Fauvel resume the musical Breton traditions and Minnesänger traditions of Middle Ages, and they play it in a new way, mixed with appealing and exceptionally magnetic sounds. The Rondeau de Fauvel’s performance will bring the viewers into an antique world, but in the same time extremely addictive.