Anelis Assumpção

Anelis Assumpção is a Brazilian singer-songwriter who mixes sultry vocals with irreverent arrangements, pinches of dub,
afrobeat and Brazilian grooves in her music. Daughter of the late singer & composer Itamar Assumpção, Anelis represents the free-spirit of São Paulo’s avant-garde and lots of her iconic father’s originality. The city roots run
deep within her style, pushing the music forward, capturing something new, yet keeping the vintage/analog flavor alive.
Anelis’s debut album, “Sou Suspeita, Estou Sujeita, Não Sou Santa” (2011) has received positive reviews and brought her
to prestigious stages in Brazil and Portugal. In 2014 she released a new album, “Amigos Imaginários”, which was an
instant success with hundreds of thousands of plays on streaming platforms within the first month of release. The album was mixed by New York dub master Victor Rice and includes those hazy, bassheavy tracks that conjure the narcotic feel of a Latin American megalopolis at night. The album gave her the Deezer Prize for best new artist in 2014, APCA prize for Best New Artist in 2015 and nomination to other awards. Singing in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Anelis’s lyrics feature an uncompromising poetry, social criticism, intertwined words, food and love stories. Currently recording her third album to be released next year, inspired mostly by her urban life in a megalopolis like São Paulo and by what she cooks in her own kitchen. Womex attendees will have the opportunity to check her out live. She’ll be performing at the Salón Teatro on October 22nd.


Anelis Assumpção


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