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  • WOMEX 2010
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Sol Aravena is also MUZA.

Muza grew up under the brutal dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet who essentially silenced musical expression for 17 years. During that time Chileans absorbed music from around the world. After Pinochet's departure, musicians returned to the music of their roots integrating those global influences. Muza was highly influenced by European Electronica. She added her Latin flavor and a melancholy mood reflective of growing up under Pinochet with the hope of a brighter future. Cambio de Estacion is a terrific example of this unique Electronica/Latin/Rock style Muza created.

For her third album, "Terciopelo," which means velvet, Muza dug deep into her roots discovering the classic Boleros and Bosa Novas of the late '50s and early 60's.
Her album "Cambio de Estacion" for international release. It won an Independent Music Award (IMA) for Best Dance/Electronica Album in 2006. Her next album won a second IMA for Best Cover Song for her rendition of the classic "Besame Mucho."2009.
Now she is finishig the record of her new Album called “Blanca”


Sol Aravena: Voz, composición, arreglos, teclados, loops
Michel Durot : Trompeta.
Catalina Araya : Percusión.
Daniel Thurmer : Guitarras.
Santiago del Campo:Scratch.


Dream Electronico (1998, Apes nomination in Chile for Best Electronic Album)
Cambio de Estacion (2006 Independent Music Award Winner for Dance/Electronic Album of the Year) Petroglyph Records
Terciopelo (2009 Independent Music Award Winner for Best Cover SONG “Besame Mucho” and finalist for two other categories) Petroglyph Records
Blanca(2010)Infanta terrible.

Similar to: Bebel Giberto, Dido, Massive Attack, Cocteau Twins and Bjork.

You can hear some here:

Marisol Aravena

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