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  • Anderson Ventura (Vocal, Acustic Guitar)

After nine years of intense work along with Java Roots its time for Anderson Chokolate to present us all with his much-anticipated solo project, the album Realize, due to hit the stores in early June.
Anderson Chokolate chose the album title during the production of the booklet final art: We need to turn our dreams into reality, to believe we can do anything and go for it.

We were born to be winners even if the world tries to show us otherwise. Realize represents another step in my career. Always going on, searching for continuous evolution. Its like Raul Seixas said: Dont stop on the road comments the artist. Realize reveals the sweetness in his reflections and the musicality of an artist that fights for peace, persistence, friendship, love and hope, noble feelings that are always present in Anderson Chokolates poetry.

In each track you can find the honesty with which the artist sings his messages, allowing reflection and joyful moments to the listener. Folk Rock is the music gender chosen by the artist to communicate his messages in this new album. A style recognized in famous voices, such as Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and Nando Reis, Folk Rock has its base on the steel guitar and in simple chords, a combination that provides a better understanding of the messages in the songs. But Anderson Chokolate hasnt forgotten the others strong influences of his career, like Soul, regional styles and Reggae.


Anderson Ventura


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