Anne-Mari Kivimäki

composer, musician, record label

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  • Kihtinäjärvi Records


Anne-Mari Kivimäki (b. 1976) is a musician and composer from Tampere, Finland. She is doing artistic doctoral degree at the folk music department of the Sibelius Academy (University of the Arts Helsinki). Her thesis is entitled Suistamo – The Laboratory of Tradition. Published albums in the Suistamo series are: Aikapyörä / The Wheel of Time (2013), Pahan laulu / The Song of Evil (2014), Lakkautettu kylä / A Closed-Down Village (2015).

Kivimäki´s instruments are Russian two-row Notka accordion, 5-row accordion and own voice.

She is occupied with the renowned and original duo Puhti, the Hehkumo band with its full-blooded music and the Juurikadun orkesteri playing music for children. During her career Anne-Mari has actively performed in Finland and abroad e.g. in the Nordic Countries, Central Europe, Mozambique, Benin and Hong Kong. In addition to giving concerts, Anne-Mari has worked as a composer and performer in productions that combine music, dance and theatre. The latest theatre works have included e.g. the Tampere Workers' Theatre's 110-year anniversary play Anna Liisa and Ahaa Theatre’s play Mamma Moo and Crow. Anne-Mari worked in Southern Ostrobothnia in the Kyläpelimannit (“The Village Fiddlers”) folk music pilot project in 2002-2005. This ground-breaking project spawned a number of similar projects e.g. in Southern and Eastern Finland.

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