Kuenta i Tambu

Kuenta i Tambu


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  • country:Netherlands
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):World, Tropical Bass
  • label:Jiga Musica
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:electronic, percussion
  • artist submitted by:Kuenta I Tambu

Line up

  • Diamanta Kock (lead vocals)
  • Paco Martina (DJ)
  • Roël Calister (band leader, lead vocals, percussion )
  • Tshepho Pietersz (percussion)
  • Vernon Chatlein (percussion)


Kuenta i Tambu celebrate the old tambú music of Curaçao by dropping it onto the electronic dancefloors of the 21st century, infusing thunderous tropical beats with the chants, songs and rhythms of its Afro-Caribbean roots to create their own style which they call Tambutronic. The band was started by Curaçao-born percussionist Roël Calister in 2005, playing in a traditional, acoustic style, but in 2010 a sea change happened, following a change in band membership. They released their experiments with beats and electronics on an EP and Tambutronic was born, gaining momentum on the Dutch club scene and breaking out internationally, including scoring major hits in Curaçao. Now a five-piece with electronics, live percussion and the dynamic presence of singer Diamanta, they've been spreading the fun at festivals in Europe, the US and the Caribbean.