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Dear All,
It seems there are no bikers among the community? So I will be alone :( thinking of new musical experiments & exploring the camino del norte. Cu @ womex Horst

On the Road to Womex

A Bike „Pilgrimage“ from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela
14.10. – 19. 10. 2016

For many centuries Santiago de Compostela in the far west of Europe has been a symbol of
hope and confidence for many people around the world.
They are hiking miles after miles to find their inner selves and a new spirit for life.
For me in particular this will mark a first time visit to this city. Flying in would be
just too easy and doesn't suit my way of traveling.
Left aside the spiritual phenomenon of the revival of pilgrimage I had the idea of
biking to Santiago for Womex.
I don't want to do this for spiritual or religious reasons but for commemorating the
deeper sense and love for music that binds us together.

I suppose that there are some road bikers amongst the 2000+ participants, who would also
like to experience a true feeling for the regions, the people, their food and culture.
At the same time the Road to Womex is also a sportive challenge, as we try to make the
distance of approx. 700km and 10.000m of vertical climbing within 5 days, to arrive at
Womex in time for the opening celebrations.
On the way we get to know each other, we support each other and we share impressions
and views – way beyond music and business. On the mountains we suffer together and
we will smile together when we reach our destination.

For the moment the route will follow more or less this road:

October, 14 in Bilbao (time & place tba)

On the road
Most important thing is that your bike and you are in a good shape.
Everybody is carrying their own
luggage either in saddlebags or paneers. You should have good stamina,
be able to bike around 10 hours a day and be able to ride 20-25km average speed.
Everybody takes care of his/her own food.
We should try to ride together depending on the size of the group.
If we are becoming larger group we can also split the group into smaller entities.
Everybody rides on his or her own risk!

We can reserve according to the number of participants, but we should be flexible.
There are enough places to rest on the way. Everybody pays for his/her accommodation.
The prices vary: between 10 and 50 Euros depending on category and necessities.

Who is Who

My name is Horst Watzl, living in Vienna, Austria and riding road bikes since more than 30 years.
I have taken on many adventures, together with friends, to different parts of Europe.
From the Ukraine to the Pyrenees from Scotland to Sicily. I am engaged in music and culture for
more than 30 years. Staging concerts, developing projects and exchanging ideas and music.

Our organization is called: Kulturen in Bewegung (Cultures on the Move) We receive funding by public institutions
for educational and global projects. Our aim is to not only entertain but also to support artists mainly
from the „South“ by opening doors and creating opportunities. We are member of the so called
„LEMON“-network within Europe and try to establish a network of independent music organizers
for closer cooperation and visibility of global and local music within Europe.

You can easily contact:

article submitted by:Horst Watzl, kulturen in bewegung / VIDC