"Olli goes to Bollywood" - Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra

Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra
Olli goes to Bollywood Album 2013


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  • artist:Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra
  • region:Brittany
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):Indian, Electro
  • country:France
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Label Caravan
  • label:Label Caravan
  • publisher:CARAVAN EDITIONS
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Olli goes to Bollywood is the third epic of the "Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra" adventure. Both albums were distributed throughout Europe: Kitch'en in 2005 and Tantra in 2008.
The album is just like in the movies : the story of a Breton singer who fells in love with a Bollywood movie star. He travelled all around India to look for her. The ten tracks of the album Olli goes to Bollywood tells about this quest. Themes, rhythms, everything is set to bring to the audience the authentic emotions of a film from Bollywood.
Olli went there in search of the inimitable Indian sound. The album was recorded in Chennai (Madras) with the musicians and in the studios of A.R. Rahman,. the famous Bollywood music composer of Slumdog Millionnaire. A collaboration which enabled Olli to play with a famous large string orchestra along with the best instrumentalists and the singer Kavita Baliga. They all dedicate the rest of their time recording for famous Bollywood movies.
Released in France, Germany, Benelux (Label Caravan, Caravan Editions, Avel Ouest/Coop Breizh, Xango Music, Idol)