Le Vent du Nord

Le Vent du Nord
Le Vent du Nord ( Crédit: Stéphane Najman, 2010)
ELISE by Le Vent du Nord ( vidéoclip) We are good guys 2011
le Vent du Nord 2012 ( Crédit: Stéphane Najman)
Le Vent du Nord & Friends ( Joliette, may 2014)


lanlaire, songs, reel, Gustave Nadeau, Olivier Demers
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ELISE, un premier vidéoclip pour Le Vent du Nord. / ELISE, Le Vent du Nord’s first music video
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  • country:Canada
  • region:Québec
  • style(s):Québecois, World
  • label:Borealis Records
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, Quartet, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, string, singer songwriter, piano, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Les Productions Le Vent du Nord / La Compagnie du Nord

Line up

  • Nicolas Boulerice (Vocals, electroacoustic Hurdy-gurdy, Piano)
  • Olivier Demers (Violin, Guitar, Foot-tapping, Mandolin, Vocals)
  • Réjean Brunet (Basses, diatonic Accordion, Jaw harp, Piano, Vocal)
  • Simon Beaudry (Vocals, Bouzouki, Guitar)


2011 Womex official jury selection showcase:

Considered a driving force in progressive folk, Le Vent du Nord captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen, infusing old Quebec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air.

Mouth music and musical families. Deep history and playful innovation. Quebec's Le Vent du Nord knows how to turn the lost past into intensely listenable performances that push their roots in striking global directions. The group is blazing a path that connects Quebecois roots to the wider world, in both arrangements and on stage.

Since its 2002 founding, the quartet has given more than 800 concerts across North America and Europe, racking up several prestigious awards, including two Junos (Canada's Grammys), a Canadian Folk Music Award, and Artist of the Year at the North American Folk Alliance Annual Gala.

While exhibiting serious folk chops, Le Vent du Nord knows how to connect Quebecois tradition meaningfully to the larger musical world. The group relishes collaboration with diverse musicians, including everyone from The Chieftains to pan-Mediterranean ensembles.

Not content with standard approaches to tradition, Le Vent du Nord have created a symphonic concert, presented by the respected Portland Symphony Orchestra and Quebec Symphony Orchestra, that "puts all traditional folk naysayers to shame" (Voir Montreal).

Their current show is based on the "Grand prix du Disque Charles Cros" winning album "Tromper le temps" and staged by veteran singer-songwriters Quebecois Michel Rivard (earlier show were based on the Juno-winning album La Part du Feu and staged by pioneering Quebecois artist Michel Faubert in 2009), draws together the scattered sounds of Acadian blues, New Orleans-style brass, and Francophone resistance, with a powerful vocal ensemble and shifting cast of instruments. Le Vent du Nord's arrangements highlight the rich lyrics and resonant emotions of Quebec's globally resonant roots