Maravelí, oral tradition classical guitar and arts

Line up

  • Katherine Quiñones (Voice and storyteller )
  • Sebastián Villanueva (Guitar, electronics, visuals)
  • country:
  • region:
    South America
  • style(s):
    • Colombianas
    • Classical Music
  • label:
    Maravelí Productions "Self managed"
  • type:
    Composer/Songwriter, Small Ensemble, Duo, Music Theatre Production
  • gender:
    male, female, child
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal, electronic, visual, guitar
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Winner of the national scholarship of music creation from IDARTES
Winner of the France residency 2014, French Alliance, IDARTES, French Embassy
Tour 2015 - 2017, Bank of the Republic of Colombia.

This project is a commented concert that aims to pay homage to the history of the afro and embera peoples of the Colombian Pacific coast and narrate their biodiversity, music, literature and oral tradition through nine pieces written for the language of soloist guitar, thus creating a connection between the public and the music through the narration of these tales. These pieces for guitar are based on traditional rhythms of the Colombian Pacific coast like porro, currulao, bunde, tamborito and different views and interpretations of these genres.

Andean ancestors, Colombian music, mandolins, guitars, strings, grandparents’ stories, coffee fields, jungle, mountain, mangroves, flowers, streams, water, gold adornments, birdsongs, scents, loves…

Incomprehension and denial of the other… Quests, trips, miscegenation, cultures, openness, magnitudes, generosities, hospitalities, Stories!

Cultures limited by their own resistance, particularities that prevent ample socializations, How to survive? Oral traditions that transmit in a living way… musical mythologies and related rhetoric…

Risks: oral culture fades, gets lost… Does it get lost? Demons always present…

Tales that are born narrations, cultures that show and hide, short stories that refer to traditions. Culture that drowns… that fades away… lack of interest… poor education… little contact… There are not bedtime stories!

Alive music… stories connect, help. The heart is present with intuition. Openness, warm welcome…

Guitar repertoire inspired by the Colombian Pacific connected with life experiences, memories… or with tradition as a path to transformation.

The Maravelí as a cosmos… the ship in the cosmos…
Sotto voce: Back as a background, like a sparkle…


Maravelí, oral tradition classical guitar and arts


Maraveli, Bank of republic, bogotáSebastian VillanuevaKaterine QuiñonesMaraveli, public library Tunal, Bogotá


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Tumaco´s ground


Bunde Chigualo


Kosasá de lloró




El sol y la luna






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Maraveli - REEL
MARAVELI - Bunde Chigualo
MARAVELI-Whale song
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