"Om'Dub" - Marcelo Vig

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    Mary Byker, Raquel Coutinho, Vulgue Tostoi, Marcos Suzano,
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    Rio de Janeiro
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    • Brazilian
    • Electronic
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    • CD (Compact Disc)
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    Dubas Music

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Electronic Music meets brazilian music in Om’Dub, Marcelo Vig’s 1st album, made with a successful crowd funding campaign.

Making full use of electronic music’s possibilities, Marcelo Vig appropriates genres such as House and Dubstep to explore Brazilian Music’s own elements and diversity.

Om’Dub has a clear reference to Dub which found its electronic music representatives in the hands of people like Leftfield and Asian Dub Foundation, Apollo 440 etc.

Through his own interpretation of Dub, Marcelo Vig creates a sound that fuses the DNAs of Brazilian and Electronic music, with a vivid presence of calf skin drums and digital drums, human voices and electronic music textures in an original combination of styles that distances itself from the 4 on the floor's most common patterns.

Portuguese titled tracks add charm to the artist’s 1st album that draws inspiration from people like SBTRKT and Laurent Garnier to fuel the creation of an irresistibly authentic project.

Marcelo Vig


Om'Dub Om'Dub Promo shoot Om'Dub promo shoot


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Om'Dub Live

Teaser of the 2014/16 Om'Dub shows

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