New Album Release! "Bruit du silence" by Modou Gaye

Photograph : Baba Deme

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“Bruit du Silence” (“Noise of Silence") is born. It has been patiently growing in the same way as the seed of a tree prepares itself sheltered under the ground.

Right from the start, Modou Gaye's Sufi Jazz has been defending the idea that "music is a form of silence". Silent music allows meditation, and isn't meditation all the more necessary in the utilitarian and sound-saturated world in which we live?

This album is an educational work that pays tribute to the Sufi tradition in Senegal. Modou reinterprets songs and poems from the Senegalese Sufi brotherhoods in the light of the technicality and musical experiences gleaned throughout the world (Imam Sakhir Gaye, Khalil Gibran, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, Maghreb, etc.)

It is also the starting point of a new maturation. Modou opens a space for the other, a space where he can get involved and express himself, whatever his musical tradition. An invitation to seek together a meeting point, the saving equilibrium that goes beyond differences and brings about what the world has best.

article submitted by:Mouhamadou Gaye, Modou Gaye