Issa Murad

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    composer and group leader
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  • WOMEX 2017

Issa comes from Palestine, where he learnt the oud and the art of oriental maqams. After years of playing solos in different ensembles, he has opened up to new styles of music and developed his own musical universe. His encounter in Paris with talented Syrian percussionist Samir Homsi and Indian ney bansouri virtuoso Rishab Prasanna, along with avant-garde French jazz trio Richard Turegano, Frédéric Chapperon and Marc Buronfosse, gave birth to the Joussour (bridges in Arabic) project. Joussour’s first album is the fruit of a collective musical and human experience. Issa Murad’s subtle composition and sophisticated rhythms -from Balkanic to Arabic to jazz-, combined with refined and balanced arrangements that give his oud a central yet not leading place, smoothly allow the powerful Indian ney merge with pure jazz moments. The whole experience is soulful, generous and harmonious, and great part is left to improvisation, a pure pleasure when virtuosity reins.

Issa Murad

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