Eric van Monckhoven

booking agent

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Eric is a sustainable develoment consultant and grant writer, with a passion for music. He is coaching, promoting and booking various artists of Folk, World, Jazz music.

At Womex Eric is looking for concert opportunities for his roster, and will be pleased to introduce you to the artists he represents. Among them:

WORLD: Gabacho Maroc, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, Luca Bassanese & Piccola Orchestra Popolare (The Italian Manu Chao), Agricantus (official), Rocco de Rosa Trio

FOLK: Tsuumi Sound System, Frigg, Les Poules à Colin, The Outside Track, Wor, Oi Dipnoi, Vesevo

JAZZ: Alekos Vretos Project

More info at:
Cell:+39 3312068969
At Womex17, we'll stand at the Italian World Beat booth (75-78)

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  • WOMEX 2017
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