Music creators in the age of digital visibility. Perspectives for creators

Friday 31 October 2008
WOMEX Confrence
The music sector is undergoing a period of deep structural change. New opportunities for music creators and new accessibility is a topic of the future. Connecting existing initiatives is the aim. Within the DMET Project a curriculum for digital music manager was drawn up. “ExTra! Exchange Traditions” project stands for the integration of musical traditions of immigrants and cultural minorities in Europe. Within the same sphere, the fair music initiative strengthens the position of both artists and music listeners worldwide. IMC is focussing on music and development. This four positions are leading towards wide possibilities for innovation and empowerment of the artists.

with Dudt, Simone (Germany), Richard Letts (France), Hinteregger, Helge(Austria).

article submitted by:Martina Olinowetz, Music Austria