Skafandros Orkestra

Line up

  • Cris Monteiro (percussion)
  • Daniel Zacharias (trombone)
  • Edmar Pereira (saxofone)
  • Edu Guimarães (acordion)
  • Henrique Manchuria (trumpet)
  • Léo Malagrino (bass)
  • Luizinho Nascimento (trumpet)
  • Ronaldo Lima (drums)
  • Thiago Miyazaki (saxofone)
  • Thiago Xavier (electric guitar)
  • Valber Oliveira (trombone)
  • country:
  • region:
    São Paulo
  • style(s):
    • Dub
    • Ska
  • label:
    not signed
  • type:
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    brass, jazz combo
  • artist submitted by:

Skafandros Orkestra mixes the balance of Jamaican ska with Afro-Brazilian music, in a rich and vibrant instrumental. The group seeks, in its authorial repertoire, a dialogue with Brazilian rhythms, such as ijexá, jongo, frevo, coco and baião. In addition to his compositions, the Skafandros Orkestra show also features re-readings by great Brazilian composers, combining Jamaican ska with the Bahian universe of Dorival Caymmi, the modern orchestrations of Moacir Santos and Villa-Lobos's erudite world. This Brazil-Jamaica connection, combined with a powerful harmonical and orchestral structure, is what defines Skafandros Orkestra as a unique and unmistakable group in the panorama of instrumental ska


Skafandros Orkestra


photo: Leonardo LinSkafandros Orkestra's logo

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