Dj Awal


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  • country:France
  • style(s):Electronic, Oriental
  • label:Newbled Records
  • artist submitted by:Newbled Vibrations

Through Europe and France DJ Awal played : Europe : London (Worldbeat DJ Award), Torino (Alcatraz), Istanbul (Babylon), Barcelona (Paloma, Apolo, Mercat des Flores…), Berlin (Popdeurope @ Arena), Cologne (Global player @ Stadtgarten), Utrecht (Muziekcentrum, Rasa), Monaco… France : Paris (Cabaret Sauvage, Triptyque, Nouveau Casino, Elysée Montmartre…), Lyon (Ninkasi), Dijon (La Vapeur), Nantes (Lu) and Montpellier, Rouen, Tourcoing…

As dj, journalist and recording artist Awal is interested in world music and electronic sounds for a long time.
In 1998 he was asked to play at « New Bled Vibrations Nights » in Paris venue Divan Du Monde. New Bled Vibration is a concept that contributes to the emergence of a new sound based on urban musics of the western world and North African beats. « New Bled Vibrations Nights » were so exciting that Awal decided to work around oriental house and electro-oriental and then became a new bled’s resident Dj.
His style is a blend of northern african beats, oriental rythyms and pure electronic music in addition to underground dancefloor tunes.
The year 2002 saw the release of the eagerly anticipated album « New Bled Electro Vibration ». Mixed by Awal, the compilation includes top oriental house tunes and a few personnal compositions.
Over the past five years Awal has played a lot. He has done major venues in Paris (Elysée Montmartre, Cabaret Sauvage, Divan Du Monde, Triptyque, Nouveau Casino, Batofar…), Techno Parade 2003 (Magic Garden/Cabaret Sauvage) and Barbes Tour (the first north african carnival in Paris). He travels across France (Lyon, Nantes, Rennes), tours regularly in Spain (Barcelona, Ortigueira celtic world festival/Galicia), Netherlands, Monaco or Turkey and work with international artist like galician bagpiper Xose Manuel Budino or master of african percussions Guem.
"Just One Night" is DJ Awal debut LP on French label Newbled Records. And if some songs of the LP are just impressions of Awal's meetings when he is abroad, the whole album deals with travelling around the world and features various artists. DJ Awal made collaborations with Issac and Dany O (former members of the funky French band Malka Family) who operate on "Omri", "Baraka", the master of African percussions, Guem ("The Traveller"), and MC Hicham (member of New Bled Vibration collective/"Baraka's" lead vocalist) "Just One Night" includes remixes like "Fi Khater" (DJ Ali) or "O Divann Ustundeki Baygin Bakisin", composed by turkish band Baba Zula and originally released on DoubleMoon records.
African musics out of Northern/Black Africa and Oriental flavours (Egypt, Lebanon...) are fundamental components of the album. They are filtered through electro, house, dub, reggae and many others urban music styles.