"Canto Sem Pressa" - Natasha Llerena

  • artist:
    Natasha Llerena
  • featured artist:
    Natasha Llerena
  • region:
    Rio de Janeiro
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  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • Cape Verde
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  • formats:
    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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Natasha Llerena 25, is a singer , songwriter and dancer. Inspired by several references of Brazilian music, African, Arab and Iberian, managed to creating a unique sound, which has been developed over the last two years of research, in partnership with the music producer Eduardo Andrade. Together they have invested in a sensitive musical project , virtuoso compositions which results in the production of the first album of the young artist .


Natasha Llerena


Natasha Llerena

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Canto Sem Pressa

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