Shai Tsabari
Shai Tsabari
Shai Tsabari in Performance
Shai Tsabari in Performance


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Line up

  • Assaf Talmudi (Keyboard)
  • Eyal Talmudi (Saxophone)
  • Gershon Keshet Waiserfirer (Oud player)
  • Itamar Zigler (Bass guitar)
  • Nir Manzur (Drums)
  • Shai Tsabari (Vocals)


Shai Tsabari & The Middle-East Groove All-Stars create a melting pot of musical cultures and genres. At home Tsabari discovered the intricacies of religious singing via his father, who was a cantor while his grandmother introduced him to the art of Yemenite percussion instruments and traditional folk songs. Shai Tsabari's distinctive vocals capture his audience with contagious sound and personality. No stage is too big or too small ,as he delivers a larger than life live experience that breaks down the barrier between spectator and performer. An uplifting performance blending Middle Eastern groove with psychedelic rock creating an ecstatic and joyful musical experience.