The Libyans
The Libyans
Yaniv Raba
Yankale Segal


sacred hymns
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  • country:Israel
  • region:Mediterranean
  • style(s):Sacred, Contemporary
  • label:Nanadisc
  • type:Band, Large Ensemble
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, string, woodwind, unplugged
  • artist submitted by:OLAMALÉ International Booking

Line up

  • Ariel Qassis (Qanun )
  • Avi Agababa (percussion)
  • Dvir Cohen  (Vocals)
  • Ilan Damari  (Vocals)
  • Roee Freedman (Percussion)
  • Yaniv Raba (Oud)
  • Yankale Segal  (Bass Guitar)
  • Yizhak Ventura (Ney)


A captivating show that brings to the stage the fascinating tradition of the Jews of Libya and sacred music created by the African East.
From 2010 the Libyan project was born, the foundations were taken from Yaniv Raba’s cantorial father and cultural ancestral roots. Within this framework, they tracked down and collected obscure and rare poems “piyutim” that were almost lost to the world, along with unique melodies to the Libyan hymns. Selection of these poems, arranging and processing were under the guidance of Yaniv Raba and Yankale Segal. The album “Wandering” was launched and published in 2013
This is a new production created from ancient religious poems “piyutim” that "The Libyans” from their album – “Wandering”. The performance combines countless musical and textual materials. They introduce the rich musical tradition of the Jews of Libya, unique in the fascinating combination in various musical styles - Arabic music, African, Turkish, Arabic, Western and more.
Yaniv Raba and Yankale Segal, musical directors enlisted first-rate Israeli musicians in the world music genre, poets and leading artists like Berry Sakharov, Erez Lev Ari, Shai Gabso and Ravid Kahalani who are guests on the album.
The project initiated and supported by Or Shalom Organization, gives new life to hymns and tunes almost lost to the world, some rare and obscure ones are exposed for the first time in the production and the album.
Yaniv Raba
Yaniv is a very talented musician, composer and oud player, creator, initiator and partner for various projects in the field of ethnic music in Israel and around the world.
Composer of instrumental music, original compositions that appears in projects and various festivals, diverse artistic Oriental Music - Original Israeli, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Ladino, poems and more, in Israel and abroad. The Jerusalem International Oud Festival 2006 - along with band that Yaniv was playing in, won the award for their performance.
Playing and touring with various artists and ensembles, the Israeli "Adumei Hasfatot" - Ibn Gabirol, Berry Sakharov, Rea Mochiach. Also the New Jerusalem Orchestra, a poetic project with Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra, the cantor: Rabbi Haim Louk, and prominent Moroccan traditional bards.
Yankale Segal
Yankale Segal is a bass guitar player and a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance’s Jazz Department.
He has performed and recorded with Israel’s Miri Mesika, the Idan Raichel Project, Chava Alberstein, Habrera Hativeet and others. Yankele is very active in promoting and performing ethnic music in Israel and internationally.
Yankale’s studies have incorporated several Middle Eastern music traditions – Turkish, Greek, and Iranian – and plays various string instruments, such as the oud, Persian tar, and bağlama.
Recording studios in Israel are full of artists who try to flirt with the traditional piutim (ancient traditional poems), but few know how to combine the old and the new without loosing their authenticity. The Libyans are definitely a good example of this blend.
Yaki Hapistein – First Source - 4.6.2013
An exhilarating and exciting album, lovingly and masterfully produced by extremely talented artists. The album offers a wide range of ancient, and sometimes rare piyutim (ancient traditional poems)This compilation of piyutim is result of the production's capable musical director and accomplished oud player Yaniv Raba, that himself is descended from a family of Libyan Jewish cantors.
Amos Oren – Habama - 5.6.2013