Out Of Nations

Out Of Nations
Out Of Nations
Live On Stage
Live On Stage
  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Arabic, Global Fusion
  • label:World Music Network
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic, visual, woodwind, jazz combo, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Out of Nations


Out Of Nations is a dream for a future world where people take each other as humans before they see each other as members of a certain nation. The musicians and production team connected on a musical level before realizing that each one of them carried a different passport. The band breathes new life into familiar genres by playing original, danceable World Music rooted in pop, funk & jazz.

The melodies were written between NYC, Cairo, Beirut, and Berlin by Lety, a reeds player and composer born to Egyptian and Mexican immigrant parents in suburban America. She and producer Khalil Chahine developed album tracks that each tell part of a global story of music with a modern sound, taking inspiration from their Middle Eastern and Latin heritage and the pop-classic, funk, rock, electronic, and jazz artists that were always spinning in the background. Once the band met in the studio, the energy hooked, and together with guest artists from Cairo, Beirut and Bogotá, they recorded 9-track album Quest (Riverboat Records, 2018).

Live, the band invites audiences on a journey through Middle Eastern and Latin inspired Electro-Acoustic grooves — a soundtrack to match the visual wonderland they create on stage.The show transports audiences through many places, some with recognizable regional influences and others imaginary. It reflects the creative potential of the human mind when freed from the idea that all people should identify with a certain nation. They’ve performed to ecstatic audiences at Berlin’s legendary Quasimodo club & UfaFabrik Internationales Kultur Centrum, Luxembourg’s Meyouzik Festival, Cairo’s D-CAF (Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival), and more.

Out Of Nations' music has been featured on Worldbeat Canada, Radio Monte Carlo, RadioEins, Deutsche Welle, Rhythm Planet, Global Village, and BBC & PRI co-produced radio program The World. Critics have called their recently released, debut album Quest “a spectacular world music album that wanders with ease and elegance between propulsive, rhythmically dynamic global beats.” The album has attracted a broad palette of World Music, Jazz, and Electronic music and media outlets like Songlines, World Music Central, Jazz Thing magazine, SoulandJazz, the Huffington Post, and Faze Magazin among others.

Out Of Nations is produced by Khalil Chahine.