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While guided by Mou’s penchant for saying things as they are, the ten songs on her first album, touch on a varied number of topics that range from conflicting relationships, like in the song, “Laagchey” (It Hurts) to the more optimistic and philosophical spirit of, “Palabaar” (to Run), a song that speaks of running away from miserable situations that can’t be changed. “Haathiyar” (Ammunition) is a song that tells you to save yourself and forget about others while, “Choraabaali” (Quicksand) throws up a thousand questions with no answers and finally ends in tragic resignation. “Bhaalo Na” (Not Good) is a letter to a special friend and, “Jukti Torko” (Logical Debate) is a song about how everyone is an actor in this world.

In Mou’s own words, “Music is my religion, mom’s Muslim, dad’s Hindu and I went to a catholic school. So I got mixed up with religion, language and cultures. Music is the only medicine that keeps you alive, it’s the only media where you often don’t need words and your tune can say it all. It changes things that no one thought would ever change. It brings a smile and tear to a person’s face even when you know he/she has no feelings. There are millions way to touch a person. But only one to reach his or her heart irrespective of age and sex and motive…"

And that’s Mou for you. Melodic – funky – rhythmic – bold – satirical - no crap - black humor and eventually entertaining.