Liu Fang new CD release - duo pipa & guitar

Liu Fang and Michael O'Toole

Liu Fang and Michael O’Toole


Duo pipa & Guitar

an extraordinary musical meeting between east and west, ancient traditions and modernity.

Title: "Changes" - Duo pipa & guitar
Performers: Liu Fang and Michael O'Toole
Genre: Classique and contemporary
Label: Philmultic
Cat. No.: PMPCD808
Release: August 2008, Montreal

detailed information about the tracks and music sample online:

Internationally-acclaimed Chinese pipa virtuoso Liu Fang and the renowned Irish classical guitarist Michael O'Toole has recorded a new album of duo pipa & guitar in a unique and exciting collaboration that brings together wide variety of repertoire from classical and traditional music to contemporary works.

The pipa (Chinese four-stringed Lute) and guitar have evolved from a common ancestor over many centuries into very different instruments and following continuous adaptations and modifications, are both eminently suitable for solo as well as modern ensemble playing. The beautiful, crystalline sound of the pipa is elegantly complemented by the warm, rich tone of the guitar. The combination of these two instruments creates a new flamboyant sound which, while steeped in their respective histories, is also refreshingly modern and surprisingly versatile. From the beautiful subtle melodies of 'Sai Shang Qu' to the daring adaption of Philip Glass' masterpiece 'Company' to the raucous rendition of Bartok's Romanian Dances, Liu Fang and Michael O'Toole display stunning virtuosity and endless adaptability. The combination of pipa and guitar gives an incredibly fresh perspective to existing masterpieces by a wide range of composers from Vivaldi to Piazzolla. In addition to this, the recording contains beautifully sensitive performances of new works by Ian Wilson and Toshiuki Haraoki, marking the duo's commitment to new music. The varied nature of the repertoire on the cd shows how successful this combination can be in the hands of two such talented performers.


article submitted by:Risheng Wang, Philmultic Management & Productions Inc.