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    Large Ensemble
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Separated by history for 50 years, an Orchestra of Jewish and Muslim musicians gather on a scene for a mythical concert. Together again, they share the passion that never left them, the soul of the Cashbah, the Chaâbi music.
The adventure El Gusto is a testimony of men, freed from silence, carrying the memory of a part of the Franco-Algerian history. Theses musicians stand as a proof that Music’ s universitality transcends prejudices,a nd reveals what brings men together more than what tears them apart. To witness a performance of El Gusto is to live a moment of sharing, emotions, and pleasure both for years and ears. From the classical « o’sayed » songs, to the love songs and the ditties of the every-day life hummed by the seamen or asked at the weddings, El Gusto brings to our memory or imagination the atmosphere of a time and a country.

New York Times: "Algerian Songs and Friendships, Reborn in Music That Crosses Religious Divides (...) The creation of the Orchestra has led to a rediscovery of their music, a mix of Andalusian and Berber sounds and religious chants that incorporates strong, guttural singing with the music of a piano, a flute, strings and percussions. It has revived friendships where religion, class, and ethnicity have no meaning, and reincarnated the old men artists worthy of Respect."



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